The individual substances for the auspicious vases are collected according to the main text and the mandala is established in the vases.

As a miraculous example of the efficacy of these vases, the three Jamgons ; Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and Terchen Chokgyur Lingpa, all together prepared one and buried it beneath the Der Gongchen Printing House. When the Chinese invaded, this vast Dharma treasure of blocks was not destroyed and remained intact and is continually in use today.

According to the main treasure text, if the vase is made properly and according to the instructions, there will be long life, free from illness, Dharma lineages and family lineages will increase as will the power of the wealth of dharma and worldly good fortune.

The whole earth will be made auspicious with the luxuriant growth of animals, plants, forests, harvests, medicines, water and wind. All will increase and all will attain wellbeing and happiness as in the perfect acorn, and all the universe and beings will be sublimely perfect.

If it is hidden in the center of a house, that dwelling will gain auspicious good fortune, wealth and virtue. If it is placed in the middle of the kitchen or on the hearth on will gain food, provisions and wealth. If it is buried in a fertile field the harvest will become bounteous.   If it is buried in a mountain in front of a spring, rain and water will be plentiful.   If it is buried in the manger of horse and cattle it will prevent the loss of livestock.   If this local deity heart treasure vase is buried on top of a high mountain above a villages and cities then in that it will be as medicine to dispel their illness, their limbs will be restored and it will be medicine which pacifies their suffering. The vases also contain mantras to pacify opposing enemies in this time of strife and misery in the world. In short the vases have inside many special blessed substances of accomplishment, which have been blessed by Guru Rinpoche and the Buddha and Bodhisattvas.

In general, throughout the whole breadth of the world system consisting of Zambuling, Mt. Meru, the four continents, eight lesser continents and all the great oceans, there is no place where you will not find Nagas and local deities, who are the keepers of wealth.  Nowadays mining, freeways, the roaring of jets and massive environmetal pollution and degradation are all causing harm to the Nagas and local deities, wounding them, causing them to lose consciousness, become stripped of their skin, suffer excruciating pain and torment to their head limbs; altogether infinite suffering is inflicted. This has been mentioned many times by the Buddha, Guru Rinpoche and other sublime beings in their life stories.

Because of this human beings become afflicted with sickness, livestock become ill and many unheard of incurable diseases arise. The peoples of this degenerate age are inflamed with desire, hatred and jealousy. No understanding of giving up negative actions and developing positive ones. Crops are damaged by frost and hail and many billions of insects are continuously arising causing destruction.

The third incarnation of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Dzongsar Thupten Chokyi Gyamtso with motivation that the turbulence and suffering of sickness, famine, wars and conflicts throughout the whole world may be pacified and that auspiciousness virtue and well-being pervade light over all and that all beings in the four continents of Zambuling may enjoy continuously the splendor of exaltation, has with great difficulty gathered together the necessary substances and made these vases. Further having placed the vases, then; Possessing the crucial points of different special secret instructions all the various countries will abide in supreme virtue especially in houses or temples. The wealth and splendor of the Dharma and the world will remain long bringing good fortune and increasing virtue and long life free from illness, away from quarrels and strife, gathering all in sublime perfection, remaining till the end of the Kalpa.

Taking on the responsibility/role of Vajra Acharya along with the supreme Khyentse incarnated of Dzongsar, Shechen Rabjam, Tulku Namkhai Nyingpo, Chokling Tulku, Tulku Urgyen Topgyal and more than twenty Monks and Yogis have put these vases together and blessed/consecrated them over and over again.

This short explanation of the benefit of the vases has been composed by the old man Dilgo Khyentse, Gyurme Thekchok Tenpai Gyaltshen.

Footnote : this is a translation into English by a Western Nun given to me by Tsampa Sonam in Bhutan. Apologies to all inhabiting space for additions and omissions not in accord with the actual words of His Holiness. It is my hope this teaching will bring benefit by publishing it even if it’s not His Holiness’ exact words or meaning (Glenn Fawcett)