Through Tibetan astrological forecasting, insights, and specific criteria, locations were selected for the burial of the peace vases:

  • Places of massive deforestation and troubled ecology due to pollution, logging, etc.
  • Places of spiritual importance to the people native to the region,  ‘power places’ determined by other religious and spiritual practices, like for example, the Amazon Rainforest, a place considered very sacred to its people.
  • Places of great strife, sites of past battles, current social unrest, locations of other social problems associated with the residents of the area, those associated with conflict over ecological policies (such as areas in which the rights or reasons for deforestation are disputed).
  • Places of ecological rejuvenation or places where the local ecology has been effectively protected from exploitation.
  • Places where rare animals and plants exist and may be in danger due to current encroachment (for example, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia).

In addition to the criteria for these locations, every country’s capital, primary mountain range and river system should have at least one peace vase each.  And the peace vases should be spread out to cover each country as evenly as possible.

Practically speaking, the vases should not end up in someone’s backyard or on the mantle in one’s living room.  They cannot nor should not be sold or used for personal gain; the peace vase has nothing to do with earning money or worldly gain.    Please contact our Peace Vase Coordinators so you can find out where placements still need to be made around the world.   And, if you have any unplaced vases in your possession, please also contact our coordinators so that we can track the placement process accordingly.

There are more than 3,000 vases still to be planted across the globe and to find out more about where, go to our MAP page and look for the blue dots.  That will give you an indication of where the need is now for a peace vase.  Places such as the Middle East, Russia, China, many war torn African countries and many other less traveled regions of the Arctic and even Space need placements.    And we need your help!

The modern age has witnessed the reckless deterioration of the world at lightening speed.   Our earth’s resources are dwindling and becoming rapidly exhausted.   Diseases are becoming more virulent.  Our planet is becoming an unsafe and unfit place to live and the very survival of humankind is threatened.   With untold millions suffering from epidemics, starvation, totalitarian governments and civil wars, the goal of the Peace Vase Project is to bring solace to these hells on earth.   To inquire about helping, go to our CONTACT page.  Thank you!