Kucove (Stalin City)
Vase planted by Janos Jako (Hungary), Janos Jako Jr. (Hungary), Eszter Jako (Hungary), Eva Hargitai (Hungary), July 1st, 2017

Albania is now trying to catch up and open to the world from the remnants of the former total
pressure and isolation. Albanians are very nice, hospitable people who obviously strive for a
peaceful, friendly life. Kuçovë (definite Albanian form: Kuçova) is a municipality in lower-central Albania.
During Communist Albania the city was renamed to Stalin City (Albanian: Qyteti Stalin) and was
a closed military district. The city was extensively developed in the 1950s and is of interest to
students of communist architecture, although following the collapse of communism there has
been much unauthorised building and modifications to the original buildings. It is home to one of the
Albanian Air Force airbases. Since 2005 the country’s air force has ceased flying
the aged MiG fighters provided by the Soviet Union and China, and has been reduced to rotary
wing aircraft only.

The vase was planted in a very nice place near Kucove (Stalin city) in the shadow of a raspberry
and blackberry bush.
We hope that all living beings will benefit!