Amazon Rainforest, East of Macas, in the Indigenous Shuar Territory
Vase planted by Vijali Hamilton, January 2006

“Our closest Shuar family and three friends from the United States and I gathered at the Amazon Refuge, a World Wheel project in the Amazon to preserve the rainforest and the Shuar culture. The ceremony began in the late afternoon with an initiation by me, as an empowerment to be caretakers of the Amazon Refuge rainforest and its people.  The Peace Vase was given to me by Jaffa of the Vajrayana Foundation and was buried with sages and crystals, prayers and poems for peace. Each person put a handful of earth over the vase that was buried 4 feet below the surface of the ground. The ceremony took place in an isolated area in secrecy so that the vase in the future would not be disturbed and its vibrations of peace would permeate the earth, forests, and our planet.”