Russia, Angara River near the village of Listvyanka
Vase planted by Chingis Pastuhov, Snezhana Zoriktueva, Victoriya Rudashevskaya, Sergey Glushko, Igor Erofeev, Indira Erofeeva, Natalia Marchuk, Sergey Stolov, Nicolay Ivanov, Daria Kuzmina and Anton Kuzmin

From the ancient times the source of the famous Angara River (the only river which flows out of Lake Baikal down to Enisey River and further on, to the Arctic Ocean) is well known as a powerful sacred spot for the all locals of Lake Baikal area: both Buddhist & Shamanists. This place is considered to be a home for some of the most powerful water spirits of the whole of Lake Baikal area.

In recent years, in Siberia and Lake Baikal area, we have been having problems with the low water levels of the river & lake and issues with a lowering of the Lake Baikal level as well. It’s partly correlated with the problem of global warming and deforestation. We hope that the plantation of this Peace Vase here would support the fragile eco system of Lake Baikal and that the blessings of this holy item will be carried as far as the Siberian lands with the clear waters of the Angara River. Also, we followed an advice of our Spiritual Master –  Geshe Djampa Tinley – while selecting this spot for a Peace Vase plantation.

The plantation ceremony took place on November 22nd 2017, around 1-2-3 PM. Buddhist Lama Aiusha was leading several ceremonies right before the planting the vase and there seemed to be several unusual signs of blessing:  immediate appearance of the sunshine between snow clouds and rainbow circle around the sun! The Pease Vase, in its waterproof box and concrete block, has been taken on the boat to the very middle part of the wide waterway of the Angara River and left in the water right opposite to the legendary “Shaman Stone”  – a lonely standing rocky island in the middle of the Angara River headwaters, right at this place where this great Siberian River leaves Lake Baikal.


Click here for Angara placement video