Vase planted by Alesia Medusheuskaya & Yuri Semanuk, June 22, 2015

“On the cloudy morning of June 22, we arrived in Mazyr, known as the pearl of Polesie. The city is located on the Prypiac River, Polesian Ganga, it suffered from the Chernobyl accident, nevertheless the city is known for its extraordinary landscape and nature. Today Mazyr is one of the main oil refining centers in the country. A lot of citizens suffered from the Great Purge and World War II.

We took the tram to Mazyr oil refining plant and got to the forest near Pianki tram station, the same distance away from the city and the plant. The sun came out to help us looking for a place to plant the Vase. Light rain (of blessings) accompanied the planting. When the Peace Vase was planted, the sun came out and the evening was completely cloudless.”