Antwerp Vase planted by Johan Dijk, Karen Kruithof, Gertie Werner, Pierfranco Alloa, Isabelle Jacobs, and Alfons Schneiderlaan on July 6, 2014 “This vase was planted in Antwerp because it is being affected by more extreme right wing influences since the new town council was elected. Also the mentality in general is quite egotistic here and superficial.  Antwerp appears to be known now as the cocaine capital of Europe.  Therefore it needed a shot of blessings right into the heart.   Before planting the vase, it was doubly blessed by His Holiness Sakya Trizin (he was here for teachings and empowerments on July 5th and 6th which also happens to be the Birthday of HH the Dalai Lama).   Several prior attempts to planting the vase here did not work out.  But now we are happy to report it clearly has.  And, during the moment of the planting, there was some kind of concert going on, which you can hear on the video making it even more celebratory.”