Vase planted by Isabelle Jacobs and Annelies De Zaeytijd, October 18, 2014

“Trying to plant the vase in Oostende city, we were confronted with many inauspicious signs (dead rabbit infested by insects, dead bird put on a stick in a tree, full plastic bags hanging in trees, rotten apples on the ground, the sand ground was hard as concrete and absolutely refused to let us dig in it, … etc.) Then we where guided to the Atlantic Wall a little outside of the city.  At the exact time of our arrival there, we saw an amazing full rainbow around the sun.  The Atlantic Wall was an extensive system of coastal fortifications built by Nazi Germany between 1942 and 1945 along the western coast of Europe and Scandinavia as a defense against an anticipated Allied invasion of the mainland continent from Great Britain.  We intended to plant the vase inside the open air museum which is a protected area, but this didn’t work out.  So instead, we walked through the site with the vase, to spread its blessings over this ex-warzone.  After that, we took the car and drove a little further to the dunes, where we found the perfect spot, right in the Atlantic Wall, just outside of the city of Oostende, on the border with the next city called Middelkerke.

The finding of the right spot took us the whole afternoon, so when it was planted, we celebrated it with some cava and also at that time, 3 dogs came by to say hi.  The day was full of sunshine.”