Fort of Haasdonk (Beveren), near Sint Niklaas
Vase planted by Isabelle Jacobs, Filip Van Droogenbroek, An De Gendt, Dirk Riemaker and Annelies De Zaeytijd, November 23, 2014

“This vase was planted under a beautiful tree in the fields around the old military fort of Haasdonk, a small village at about 9 kilometers from Sint-Niklaas.   We decided not to plant the vase in the city itself as it would be not safe there and too difficult to plant in the few small and artificial parks.

A funny coincidence is that my ancestors (my great great grandparents and my great grandaunt and uncle) are buried in the village of Haasdonk (Beveren).  Their burial stones are built in the outer walls of the church.  And a funny detail: when you look at one of the pictures, you will see a tree with a sunny sky above and in front of the tree there is a tiny little white light-dot floating. The light-dot is floating almost exactly above the spot we planted the vase.”