Liege and Ans
Vases planted by Heinz- Jürgen Kateloe, Gabriele Sissy Martens-Kateloe and Moppel the black dog, June 22, 2013

“In Liege, my husband checked the place in Google maps and then we went by car and found quite easily this place. We just needed to climb a little sauvage way and made our way through some bushes. Afterwards we realized that it is just beside the Castle of Colonster.

Ans is a little village beside Liege. So we went there after we put the vase in Liege.  It is very flat, just a little village, with modern family houses, no forest, just very little groups of trees in the open farmer fields. So it was not so easy to find a hidden place.   The place we found was a nettle place within a group of bushes and trees.   We were by this point quite exhausted but I saw and felt the nettles on my skin and that made me think of  Milarepa;  then, I was inspired and got new strength.”