Somerset Long Bay Park, (West Bermuda)
Arboretum Park, in Hamilton (Central Bermuda)
Cooper Island Nature Reserve, St-David’s Island (East Bermuda)
St-George (West Bermuda)
In the Ocean, about 4 miles west of Somerset coast

Vases planted by Rafael Daigneault and Andree-Ann Prince, December 2013

“We started our trip from Canada to the Bermuda ‘triangle’ on the auspicious date of Friday the 13th.   We found a beautiful island, very small and very quiet. We planted the vases in national parks in pretty much each corner of this 22 square miles island, as well as in the ocean.  After we planted  a vase in the ocean , we saw a snow owl at the dockyards, perched up on some sort of pole. As this species of bird usually lives way up north and just doesn’t exist in Bermuda, many people were amazed by this.”