Vase planted by Tatjana Popovic-Thuret and Emeric Thuret

Planting the peace vase in the town of Brcko with it’s recent history had to be handled with utmost delicacy due to political tensions in the area. The family which agreed to place the vase on their property was very happy to host the peace vase and prepared the ground well. They have been together for 50 years and humbly told us that there was never any dispute or disharmony between them, so the vase found a good home. When we arrived with the vase we dug the hole, placed the vase in it while reciting the Guru Rinpoche mantra, and then covered it with earth. The soil was soft from previous night’s rain while the sun was shining during the placement. The vase was placed very close to the location where it is said that many people have been tortured and killed in the recent ethnic war in former Yugoslavia. May this vase purify the past deeds and bring peace, harmony, and prosperity for all beings.