River Bosna, near Samac
Vase placed by Tatjana Popovic-Thuret, Marco, Vanja and Emeric Thuret on July 11, 2013

A friend suggested a place by a bridge pilar that would protect the vase from being moved around for ‘at least 5-6000 years’. River Bosna is wild and fast, full of unexpected currents, and we had no boat at all.  After some searching around, we found a small boat. The boat was dragged against the current by Emeric and my brother Vanja who helped with this step. Then we put the heavy load of concrete with the vase into the boat. Vanja then put it into the water while Emeric was holding onto the bridge pilar and I was holding the boat by the rope so that the current wouldn’t take them away. I pulled them back to the river bank. May this vase bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina through which River Bosna runs like the central channel.