British Virgin Islands

Sage Mountain National Park, Tortola
Vase planted by Lesley Ann Patten and Crane Stookey, March 2000

“We took the vase down with us on a sailing trip through the Virgin Islands.  On the last day, we hired a driver to take us up to the Sage Mountain Forest.  He stopped along the way to pick up his 5  year old grandson and we set off along the steeply twisting roads to the mountain top.  When we arrived, we scurried off into the forest looking for an unpopulated spot, an activity which led to a ‘husband-wife’ moment.  I think it’s what the British call a ‘spat’.  Crane boldly rushed into the brush and I followed in my improper walking gear, beach sandals, making girl-like squeals, to the annoyance of my dear husband who kept telling me to be quiet.

We finally arrived at the proper spot, near a rose apple tree.  And Crane patiently dug a hole and in went the vase.  Can I say rainbows dawned and birds sang?  Well I am sure there were birds singing.  Tortola is never without them.  Maybe a goat bleated.  At any rate, the deed was done.  And next time we will try for a more harmonious moment.”