Gandan She Duvlin temple, in Kurumkan, Barguzin Valley, Buryatiya
Vase planted by Dmitriy Hohlov, Emchi-lama,  and Raisa Gevav, October 6, 2013

“Barguzin valley is framed by gorgeous rocky mountains and located on the eastern coast of Lake Baikal, feeding one of the biggest rivers going to Lake Baikal.   The land of Barguzin valley, in ancient times, was considered to be holy for Shamanists, Christians and Buddhists.   Buryats called this region – ‘Bargudzhin-Tokuma’ or ‘Land of a Thousand Spirits’.

Many great Buddhist Teachers visited Buryatiya in the past.   One of them, Sodoy Lama (1846 – 1916) was a reincarnation of a well known Indian Teacher and yogi, Nagarjuna.   Many local legends tell stories about his unusual abilities including levitation, conquering local evil spirits, etc.

Many miracles happened in this land, even into the recent past. In 1997, an international retreat took place at  Kurumkan’s temple.  During those 10 days, dharma teachings were given by three great teachers: His Holiness Bogdo Gegen IX (Khalkha Jetsun Dampa Rimpoche), Eshe Lodoy Rinpoche and Geche Djampa Tinley.   During that time, an amazing phenomenon happened – a bright colorful rainbow appeared in the middle of the dark night, which was seen by many people. H.H. Bogdo Gegen explains that this miracle rainbow was an expression of the dakini’s joy because of the pure Buddhist revival in Buryatiya.

This peace vase was planted in the Barguzin Valley not far from the Kurumkan’s Buddhist Temple “Gandan She Duvlin” on the 2nd moon day, the day of the Dharma’s Protectors.

According to Buddha Shakyamuni’s prediction, the Buddhist religion will expand to the more northern lands. We hope that this peace vase will help protect this place as well as help spread Buddhism throughout this land in Buryatiya and the whole of Russia.”