Mount Revelstoke, British Columbia
Vase planted by Sonam Rabten, Judy Liu, and Sonam Mac Dorjee on July 15, 2014

“We arrived at Mt. Revelstoke in the morning, planning to camp up at Eva Lake but the trail condition was not good so we camped in the town instead.  We went back to the park early the next morning for our full day of hiking and vase planting.  We drove up to the meadows overlooking a beautiful view of the city below.  Our little hiker Sonam was all prepared for the hike!  So, we decided to hike up to Eva Lake as trail to Jade Lake (the highest and furthest lake) was still covered with snow.  Little Sonam ended up being carried by Daddy Sonam for the rest of the hike.   We finally arrived at this beautiful small lake after 3hrs (approx. 12km total) of non-stop hiking.  Daddy Sonam found a spot between the trees a little away from edge of the lake and started digging.  We found a big rock to sit on top of where vase was placed.  Mission accomplished!  We enjoyed a simple lunch before headed back down.”