Churchill Falls, Labrador
Vase planted by Jan Morrison and Ron Budgell, October 12, 2014

“We planted the peace vase near a small lake – Portage Lake – that is part of the waterway that feeds the Churchill River. Of course there are no falls anymore – just a barren rocky river bed with a small trickle now. We didn’t attempt to take the vase anywhere near the dam as it is impossible to get close with a shovel! We decided that this area made the most sense – especially considering the placement of the other two vases here in Labrador. In effect we chose places that might be considered the main points (like acupuncture points) of the body of Labrador – the Churchill River being the artery that feeds everything here. We came here from North West River on the Saturday before looking at the beauty of the place and the many places that had been scarred and degraded by the dams and hydro lines being put in.

It was a soft day – not too cold and slightly overcast. Ron dug down into the earth, placing each shovel full on a piece of board so we could replace it all without a trace. We covered it over with the beautiful springy moss and partridge berry plants that make up the surface. We recited the chant of Dependent Origination. On our journey back home we saw a fox who was most interested in us and we in her.  After the placement at Muskrat Falls we had seen a bear, so this seems most auspicious!”