Muskrat Falls, Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador
Vase planted by Jan Morrison and Ron Budgell, June 1, 2014

“On our trip to  Muskrat Falls, I had a mixture of joy and trepidation in my heart. The only other time I had been to Muskrat Falls was in the summer of 2006. At that time the work had not begun on the dam project and I feared what I would see. The south side of the river has been stripped bald of trees – enormous earth-movers can be heard even through the din of the falls themselves. They are starting to make inroads on the north side – where we were. The beauty is still astounding. We placed the vase in the ground a little down river from the falls on the north side as those areas adjacent to the falls will be bull-dozed and flooded.

We placed it in view of the river near an Innu Catholic shrine as we thought it might offer some protection. It is off the path but near it and we covered it up with bracken and moss so that no one will notice it. I recited the mantra of interdependent origination and dedicated the merit. We walked down to the upper falls. On the drive back to North West River we saw a young healthy bear. An excellent reminder of how rich this land is and how much peace is needed.”