Cayman Islands

Bloody Bay, Little Cayman
Vase planted by Crane Stookey, March 2000

“I was on a two month trip as part of the crew on the Corwith Kramer, a National Sea Education ‘tall ship’, which is used to teach marine biology to North American college students.  I would have liked to place the vase in the reef but had no way to cast it in cement and was concerned that the divers would find it.  Also I was concerned because most of the island seems to be for sale, and I didn’t want it to get dug up for a new house foundation.  But I wanted it to be near the reef.  So, I chose a spot in the brush near the public access to the beach.  All sand, I planted it an arms length underground.  I did a brief practice, people waiting for me, dedicated the merit and then went snorkeling.”