United Kingdom

Cheddar Gorge
Vase planted by Sue Carter and friends,  Sept. 29, 1999

Tim, Z, Sonia & Dan

“I went from London down to stay with a friend in Glastonbury  a couple of days before the anniversary of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.  Sonia is a very magical person, one of the first to guide me towards a spiritual path.   I felt she was the ideal person to accompany me on this expedition.  We set off before dawn the next day and met three boys on the road who joined us.

We parked the car at the top end of Cheddar Gorge and Time led us through some woods.  We all had feathers with us – crow, owl, and hawk – and they all called out to us the whole way up.  We reached the top just as the first light shown.  The view was amazing but we didn’t bury the vase out in the open space as it is a very exposed place with thousands of visitors a year.  So we headed back into the woods.  Tim led us down a deer track and we ended up in a very sheltered, protected spot right on the edge of the gorge above one of the three folds, called ‘Three Sisters.  There was a feeling of this being the right spot.  We all asked the local beings, spirits and deities if we could bury the peace vase here and then a large gust of wind spiraled around us, which we felt was a yes!

We all took turns digging the hole; there was a feeling of a coming together of several spiritual traditions as we all prayed.  There was a feeling of everything being perfect.  And we felt incredibly honored to be involved in such a special project that in some way was fulfilling the aspirations of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.  We left the vase in its new position, praying for it to remain there as long as possible and benefit countless beings.  We left the spot as we had found it.  You could hardly tell we had been there apart from the movement of a few leaves.”