Vaihu, Isla de Pascua
Vase planted by Daniela Alburquerque Gonzalez and Diego Zúñiga Alburquerque on September 12, 2014

“On Easter Island, specifically in the Vaihu area at 9:30 am, I planted a peace vase with my son, Diego. We were looking for a safe place on the seashore. We walked hand in hand until we both felt that the right place was close to the cliffs, where waves beat them with force.  In the area are vestiges of wartime, where tribes fought, and there you can also find collapsed moais and “ahu” or ceremonial platforms, made of cut stone and arranged as a protective wall facing the sea.

Next to these ruins, we found a secluded area that allowed us to safely leave the vase. While reciting Tara´s mantra holding a photo of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, we started looking for stones and rocks to cover the placement.  Finally when everything was done, we left with deep peace and a feeling of connection to all beings. A rainbow came to say farewell and Diego decided to sing Guru Rinpoche´s mantra all the way back. We thank you very much for letting us live this experience of pure motivation.”