Vase planted by Verónica Edwards R., Magali Villena E., Roxana Soto E., and Silvana Messina on September 12, 2014

“Pisagua is a Quechua word meaning “place of scarce water”.  It is located in the most arid desert of this planet, the Atacama desert. Now it has only 300 inhabitants.  In different times in our history, it has been a place of great suffering.  During the 20th century it was: a leprosary, a homosexual detention center, a communist detention center of leftist militants after the military coup in 1973.  Because of the high number of  killings and missing detainees, it is one of the main symbols of human rights violation that occurred during the military regime.

Very early that day we started the trip to Pisagua.  After a few minutes on the road, what we thought this event would be, became something totally different, an extraordinary ode to nature and life, by nature itself. Each kilometer added an even more strong sense of immensity and slowly a deep sense of silence and vastness embraced us.  The generosity of our home and certain beings is startling. In spite of that, it took us a few hours to find the place. After 4 attempts (and almost giving up !), there was the spot, in the middle of the mountains surrounded by a clear deep blue sky.  We planted the vase and did a few silent prayers, trying to be as accurate as possible; that Friday was one of the best days of our lives.  From the bottom of our hearts, may all the blessings, love and compassion that emanate from this project, reach every single spot on earth where peace is needed.”