Paipote, Copiapó, III Región of Atacama
Vase planted by Constanza Holzapfel, Magali Meneses, Gerardo Ardiles, Lorena Quiroz, María Paz Larenas, Susana Zamora, Alfonso Silva, Mariela Herrera, and Gilda Romo, Aug. 23, 2015

“In the Shambhala Meditation group of Copiapó we held the peace vase for a while before actually burying it. After the mudslides occurred on March 25th in the Atacama Region of Chile, our meditation group started teaching and practicing Shambhala meditation with people from one of the most damaged areas, Paipote.

After a weekend meditation course with them, we decided it was the right time and plant the peace vase, right there, where they live. We chose a community center and invited different cultures and religious representatives among everyone who wanted to be there. The ceremony was therefore multicultural, a priest, and an indigenous representative and a Buddhist, everyone talking about  the urgency of the Earth to be taken care of and us to be able to relate with each other in a peaceful manner.

We thank the project for sharing with us this experience, it was most significant for us and our local area.”