Vase planted by Khenpo Sonam Tashi, Chris Lo and Siddhartha’s Intent Hong Kong sangha, July 31, 2014

“Having been a follower of dharma for a numbers of years, I regularly update myself with the great activities of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and the projects that he oversees.   Needless to say, this provides boundless inspiration for us deluded beings.  Having read about the Peace Vase Project a number of times, I found myself browsing the website and in between my mindless surfing and while looking at vases around my home area, I discovered a need to plant a vase in Macau.

I told my friends in Siddhartha’s Intent Hong Kong about the idea and nearly a year later, having heard the news that Khenpo was visiting, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to plant the vase planted with his presence and help.  The team quickly picked a very auspicious date and we began our location brainstorming.

When the day came, we set off to Macau as a group.  First, we went to the local market to purchase some frogs and fish and then headed off to the sea side to conduct a life release with Khenpo.  Many of us took a day off work to join these auspious activities.  After the life release, we proceeded to where we placed the vase and Khenpo kindly led the blessings and offering puja.

Everything was smooth and magical and it was a great blessing for everyone involved.  We look forward to more of the same.”
Chris Lo for SI Hong Kong