Tabio, Cundinamarca
Vase placed by Beatriz Giraldo, Patricia Rodriguez, Silvia Murillo and 12 more devotional people from Colombia, Perú and Chile on April 1st, 2016

Before I traveled to Colombia, I contacted Patricia Rodriguez the land keeper of Kinzá, a land of prayers of the Red Path. She answered saying it would be an honor to plant the Vase in the land. She prepared the hole before I arrived with the other participants. We gathered to talk about the Peace Vase Project briefly and did some prayers from both Buddhist and Indigenous traditions in the “Maloca,” a traditional place to gather and pray. I put the Vase in the center of the circle creating a altar with sacred objects and substances from all the participants and we did the preliminary prayers. Then, we went to the little hill to plant the Vase, making some substances offerings, including local flowers, to Mother Earth before Patricia and I finally planted the Vase whilst chanting with Om Mane Padme Hung with all those who were there. I read the “Prayer for the People of this Earth” by HH Dudjom Rinpoche.