Province of Wakawa
Vase planted by Richard Sussenbach and Jacqueline Valkenburg, Feb. 26, 2014

“First we drove almost around the island looking for a deserted spot. Then we noticed that on the north side, there were not so many people. It used to be a native Indian land (called ‘Wakawa’) which we thought was doubly significant.  We took a random side-road and ended up in a secluded deserted area.   It felt pretty uncomfortable treading into unknown territory.

We walked for a few minutes and then found a spot in the corner somewhere and started digging, which was not easy because we had no tools;   so we used our hands.  Since the land is also volcanic, it is very hard, so we used sharp stones to dig a hole.  Jaqueline now has a bloody blister because she was such a fanatic;  she probably hit her hand in the process.   In the photos, you can see that we covered the place again with branches and dirt so it is very hidden and it looks the same as it was before.

May it be the cause for happiness and wellbeing for especially the poor and deprived on this island and the area!!!”