Rio Blanco, Bonao
Vase planted by Rafael Cristobal Alvarez Henriquez, Stefano Brumat and Anouk Shambrook on October 3rd, 2015

We chose to bury the Vase in the heart of the mountains, near the center of the Dominican Republic, by the town Bonao, at Rio Blanco on COETURB. This land is owned by a cooperative of farmers dedicated to progress as a means to conserve the important Yuna River basin and improve the quality of life of local farmers.

We had a weekend of biodanza, the “dance of life”, and the particular theme was Vitality and the importance of connecting with nature and humanity. A group of Biodanzers dug a hole for the peace vase and planted a tree on top with vibrations of each of our hearts, accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls and local “maracas” percussion instruments, which tuned us with the spirit of Mother Earth, her heart, the heart intentions of world peace, and the heart of the tree.

Our own heart prayer connects us to the great multidimensional bio organic human network, with respect for our ancestors and the wish that the following generations’ love of peaceful relationships with others have roots firmly in the ground.