Dominican Republic

Plaza El Valle
Vase planted by Crane Stookey, February 2000

“I was on a two month trip as part of the crew on the Corwith Kramer, a National Sea Education ‘tall ship’, which is used to teach marine biology to North American college students.  When we arrived on the beach, people were hauling in a net.  Two very long lines, far apart along the beach, going way out into the water.  We helped them fish.  At the right hand, eastern end of the beach, is  a steep knoll with palms and dense growth.  A path leads up to it from the end of the beach.  At the top of the path, just as it descends to the other side, I turned uphill on what might have once been a path but peters out quickly.  I went as far as I could until I came to barbed wire.  Then I backtracked into the undergrowth and planted the vase through thick roots in rocky soil.  I sat for bit and did ton glen.  Just as I was trying to raise bodhicitta for the benefit of all beings, a lizard jumped on my arm and I jumped up and threw him off.  Oh well.  A green lizard came down a tree and under his chin was a bright red translucent fin.  When I got back, a little tan dog came running up to me full of joy.  We played and he wouldn’t leave me alone, squirming into my lap as I tried to write this.  Also, I noticed that the fishers on the beach had caught nothing that day.”