Ibarra, Ambato, and Riobamba
Vases planted by Gabriela Moreno and Dario Rodríguez, Feb – May, 2015

“In February, we were very happy planting the Peace Vase in Ibarra. It was a wonderful day, and the sun was shining all the time although it was the rainy season. The Vase was planted in the north part of the city of Ibarra, in a high and isolated place overlooking the Imbabura volcano, the Yahuarchoca Lake and the city of Ibarra.   Ibarra is the capital of the Imbabura Province in Ecuador.  It was settled at the foot of the Imbabura Volcano and is close to the Yahuarcocha Lake (“Blood Lake”) which is located 4 km north of the city . This lagoon is very famous in the Ecuadorian history because was the place of an ancient and very violent battle in 1487 (more than 30.000 people died) between the Incas and the indigenous inhabitants known as Caranquis, and as a consequence of this, the water became red.  We prayed for peace and harmony in the place, the country and in all directions. It was a very blessed and moving day.

Next, we had been looking for a place to plant the vase in April but it seemed to be quite difficult to find a proper place so we decided to come back home and try on another occasion.   The day we tried was the one in which the Tungurahua Volcano, near the city of Ambato was declared on orange alert. We tried again on the 6th of May, a very sunny and wonderful day. Everything was perfect, we found a very peaceful place near the Ambato river. The city of Ambato had a very strong earthquake in 1949 where more than 5000 people died and the city was destroyed. Now, the inhabitants of the Province are afraid of a possible intense eruption of the Tungurahua Volcano, which has been increasing activity in the past years with great risk for the cities around it. We are confident that the Peace Vase will be of great benefit !

Finally, we arrived to an elevation in Riobamba city and from the place where the Vase was planted the Chimborazo Volcano could be seen. We planted the Vase in early afternoon, the sky was very clear and the sun was shining all the time. The place is very pleasant full of trees, cactus and beautiful flowers. We were very happy and confident that this Peace Vase will contribute to Peace, Joy and Happiness in this place and in the whole world.”