Cotopaxi National Park, near Quito
Vase planted by Andrew Jones and Nicolas Flores, June 2, 2014

“The journey of placing this peace vase started with a trip to the beautiful country of Ecuador where I enjoyed the beautiful countryside and friendly folks who made me welcome. So then began the real journey of finding a safe location to place the vase. There were several locations which were on the Peace Vase map in Ecuador, although most of these areas had very little land available to safely place a vase and seemed destined to become developed.  Fortunately the Cotopaxi site was one of these and because it was a national park, I was determined that this would become the right place to place the vase. The Cotopaxi Volcano is apparently lying dormant but may potentially blow its top only 50km from Quito. So hopefully this vase will help preserve the local alpine ecology which is fragile, and help protect Ecuador’s capital.”