El Minia
Vase planted by A Aunkh Khem S-Maa, Maria Jose Muñozcano Quintanar, Emiliano Ysunza Perez Gil, Mona Rabie, Juan Carlos Kaiten, Genvieve Boast, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Rishabh Khanna, Tatiana Sokolova and New Hermopolis staff on September 20th, 2015

“The group came to this place to celebrate the wedding of Mona, from Egypt, to Juan Carlos, from Mexico, and also their commitment to hummanity and peace. On the day after the wedding we looked for a safe place to bury the Peace Vase in the desert, just behind the New Hermopolis.  Aunkh, from South Africa and holder of Kemmet Tradition, was requested to plant this Vase in the name of Africa. After him, each of us made a prayer and placed a leaf on top of the Vase.”