Karkur Tahl and Wadi Hamra
Vases planted by Alec, Judy and David

The site of Karkur Tahl

Alec, Judy and David after planting the second vase at Wadi Hamra

“Our next destination, the Gilf Kebir, closer to the border of Libya, is a huge rock plateau about 20,000 sq. km in size. After a two day arduous trek across the top of the Gilf, we got to Wadi Hamra; ‘hamra’ means red and the sand there contains iron oxide giving it that deep crimson hue. We dug a pit at the foot of one rocky outcrop, and oddly enough, a small bird decided to perch right on top of the pile of sand we’d made; it had been the first sign of life we’d encountered since entering the Sahara.”