Vase planted by Marie-Claude Nielly, April 5, 2015

“The intent was to plant the vase in a National Park above Port-au-Prince ‒ Parc de la Visite ‒ or at best, in the surroundings of Furcy, a nearby village. It finally appeared that the National Park was much further away in another department and accessible by foot.

Because people are everywhere in Haiti, my wish was to plant a tree « for peace », along with the vase, to offer an explanation to anyone who may come by during the placement. The vase was planted on Easter day. When I took the road, the full moon was still visible in the sky. After passing the town of Kenscoff, I found trees for sale by chance and bought one small If. The tree seller was amused about the idea of planting a tree for peace.

The road to Furcy is very beautiful; blue sky and shining sun that morning. At a good distance from the village, there was a quiet wooden area. I left the vehicle to go identify a spot. I then realized that my phone’s batteries were empty. Left without a camera – the phone had shut down – I thought that I would not be able to plant the vase. Heading back to the car, I suddenly felt with great confidence that I had to plant the vase and that the batteries would be just fine. Beside the car, three kids were waiting. I told them that I was on a secret mission – to plant a tree for peace. They proved to be the perfect helpers. After two of us digging in turn, they left me to pray. I placed the vase in the hole, adding earth, the tree on the surface with more earth, and covered it with pine needles. I could take pictures at each step!  I recited some prayers; as I was about to leave, there was a sound like a bumblebee: a hummingbird was dancing in the air! It stayed a few seconds, went in a semicircle around the vase location and left. It felt very auspicious. I found the kids close to the car, lying on the grass. I bought some fruit and flowers from them and left, asking them to protect the small tree for peace.”