Nevis Island

Nevis Mountain, Isle of Nevis
Vase planted by Kerstin Gilkerson, Jill Frith and Marley, the dog, on Easter Monday, 2003.

“We were accompanied up the mountain by ‘Bee Man’ an English chap who had started a bee co-op on the island.  Then we were left on our own, as we edged up into tropical rainforest.  The trail proved slippery and there were deep ravines to either side and Jill had just told me about a tourist from Slovakia who had fallen into one and went missing, later to be found half dead and stuck on a ledge.  With that, she decided to stop half way, so Marley and I carried on.  Finally we were at the clearing after a steep ascent, surrounded by a bunch of Nevis kids.  They looked at me as if I were from another planet.  I realized it was too hard to dig at the top so I ended up planted the vase in a gully lower down.  On our descent, I almost got lost but Marley knew the way.   The climb took 7 hours but it was a wonderful experience.”