Vase planted  by Liora Pries, Haia and Doron Bornshtein, and David and Hagit Yakar on February 2, 2013

“After burying one vase in the Mitspe Ramon the Negav dessert, we drove northward via Yeruham towards the City of Arad.  From Arad we drove on a winding path towards Masada from the western side.  Near Masada we looked to bury the vase in a secure place away from water floods and burglars.   We found a beautiful spot that overlooks the Dead Sea that resides below the steep cliffs of Masada.  After a few digging attempts, we succeeded to dig a deep hole, place the vase and perform prayers and dedication.  We lite a candle and incense, made dedication for peace in the region and buried the vase.

Finally we cooked dinner in the cool evening breeze and drove a couple of hours back to the center of Israel.”