Cursi, Sea of Galilee
Yaar Odem, Golan Heights
Vases planted by David, Hagit & Ori Yakar, and Nurit, Nissim & Tamar Cohen, October 12, 2013

“First we traveled to Cursi, near the sea of Galilee, where the Dalai Lama had visited in the past.   People says it is a place with special energy. Jesus used to visit there and around 500 AC, a church as well as a Christian monastery were established.  Also, Cursi is not far from the border with Syria and we chose this place because it is near an old Syrian army base where lots of fighting took place against the Israeli Army.

Next, we traveled to Yaar Odem, in the Golan Heights in the very north of Israel near the border with Syria.  We felt happy to plant the vases and dedicated the merit for peace in these areas.”