Ein Karem, Israel
Vase planted by Noa Jones, 2010

“This is the second vase I planted in Israel. It’s in Ein Karem, a neighborhood of Jerusalem. Information is below. My older sister who is Israeli, picked the location. We went with her three daughters and her husband and everyone participated with whole hearted wishes for peace. My sister works with a women’s watch organization that stands at borders as witnesses, not protesting just offering their observance without judgement.  Our father spoke Arabic and also spoke about how Jews and Arabs lived in peace for centuries. I pray one day Rinpoche can visit Israel.”

Ein Karem ( Hebrew : עַיִן כרֶם , lit. “Spring of the Vineyard”, and Arabic : عين كارم ‎ – ‘Ein Kārem or ′Ayn Karim ) (also Ein Kerem ) is an ancient village of the Jerusalem District and now a neighbourhood in southwest Jerusalem . According to Christian tradition, John the Baptist was born in Ein Karem, leading to the establishment of many churches and monasteries. In 2010 the neighborhood had a population of 2,000.   It attracts three million visitors a year, one-third of them pilgrims from around the world.