Bethlehem and Jerusalem
Vases planted by Consuelo Pena of Brazil on December 31, 2005

“Overlooking the golden dome of the Jerusalem temple, in the most disputed sacred place on the planet because it’s situated between the Jewish and Palestinian areas, under the bushes in a public garden there now is a peace vase.

Near Bethlehem, another ‘Berlin Wall’ is getting built, this time by the Jews to separate Israel from Cisjorania.  So, a peace vase was placed as close to that wall as possible, under olive trees, rock and pines.  Since it was too difficult to dig a very deep hole because of the big stones, a rocky pile as put on top of the vase.

To place these vases in Israel, I was helped by a woman, a widow of a Jewish pilot killed in combat by the Palestinian army.  Since then, she spends her time working for peace, giving speeches, together with Palestinian women who lost their relatives killed by Jewish soldiers.  May these vases melt the separations and bring equanimity and the end of suffering to our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.”