Boschi di Carrega, Parma
Vase planted by Pelen Yip, July 2, 2013

“On July 1, I took a train from Udine at 10 am, hoping to arrive at Parma at 3 pm so that I could do the placement for Parma in the same day. But the train from Bologna to Parma was delayed and I arrived in Parma at 4 pm which was too late to try to find my way to the park and do the placement. So I went to spend the night at a friend’s place in Milan. On July 2, I took the train from Milan and arrived in Parma at 1 pm. On the train I recited many prayers as aspiration for the placement.

I had my backpack which would be pretty heavy to carry on the 2 km walk to reach the park. But the Parma station is under constructions so there is no bag deposit services.   So I prayed to Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche to help me find a solution for my heavy bag. When I arrived at the station of Collecchio – the local train station closest to the park – I went to the bar just outside and asked if I could have lunch there; they said yes. Then I asked if the train station had any bag deposit services. The lady said there was no such service at the train station but they could keep my bags!  After lunch they also gave me instructions on how to get to the park. It was funny, the area was deserted, but when I was confused at the cross-road, someone just appeared so I could ask for directions. Then at the second cross-road, there was a newspaper stand so I asked further directions. On my way back? The newspaper stand was closed and I did not see even one single person on the street.  The blessings of our Gurus and the project was just amazing! On the way to the park I prayed to Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche again to help me find the right spot. I walked up the hill, and after reaching the top, I went off track to go inside the wood, dug a hole among some trees and put the vase inside. Then as I tried to jot down the time of placement on the Shechen diary, I found out it was Dakini day!   I was at awe at how the seemingly train delay actually served to allow me do the placement on an auspicious day! :)”