Valle di Natisone, Udine
Vase planted by Pelen Yip, Florian Suceave & Ugo Tranquillini, June 30, 2013

“It was great weather with clear blue sky and no clouds.  On the way,I kept praying to Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche that he would lead us to a place that would be best for the placement, a place where the vase could remain untouched, bringing the best to all the beings in Udine, protecting them from all human and natural harm, bring peace and well-being. At a certain point, we passed by a bridge with a river on my left hand side and on my right, some huge rocks on the river formed a natural pond with extremely clear water in green. When we got there, we were stunned by its beauty – it felt like paradise. There are trees on both sides of the pond, so it is sheltered, with water streaming down from the alps so it’s just crystal clear and chilly.  There are also many fish in the pool.  There is no human habitation nearby; thus minimum pollution. In fact, we saw many dragon flies which are believed to survive only in areas without pollution.  When we arrived, there were about 5 other people sun bathing. We discussed at length about Buddhism because Florian and Ugo were very curious about the topic.

As soon as I finished reciting prayers, we prepared to plant the vase.  We started digging a hole at the foot of huge tree, as Florian thought it would be safer – no one would touch a century-old tree in a protected park. But it turned out to be impossible with all the interlocking roots. So while Florian put the soil back, I went looking for another spot. Just 3 meters from the original tree, closer to the pond, there’s another huge tree with its roots standing on the ground, leaving a hole among it’s roots. So I asked Florian to look, he thought it was perfect and immediately put the vase inside! Then he went to get some stones to cover the opening of the hole. On top we put some soil with grass (the kind you see on top of rocks in very humid enviornment) so it looked as if there was no hole to start with – it is so much in sync with its surroundings that it looks perfectly natural. We were very very happy about this piece of “performance art” as Florian called it! At the end, as dedication, I asked Florian to wish that this placement would bring much well-being to all beings in Udine and the rest of the world.”