Toktogul Lake
Vase planted by Mikhail Averyanov, Yulia Averyanova, Sergey Evseev and Uncle Vanya from Jalal-Abad, August 5, 2014

“Toktogul Reservoir is located in the Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan.  It is the largest of the reservoirs on the path of the Naryn River.   Not only Kyrgyzstan but Uzbekistan also depends a lot on its waters.   It’s a beautiful place surrounded by mountains.   In summer the water is really warm here and you can spend hours and hours swimming.   The water is clean and the shores are wild; not so many people come to this place.   Mountains around Toktogul reservoir are good not only for pastures but also for paragliding.

During the last two years, the water level has become lower, not only due to dry weather but also due to hydroelectric stations and water sold to foreign countries.   Also uncontrolled fishing and poaching flourishes here.   We wish people would use these waters more carefully and thoughtfully so that all can benefit.   We took out a small motor boat and traveled about 10 km along the reservoir and placed the vase into the waters, in one of the deepest places of Toktogul Reservoir.”