Wat Sayaphoon, Savannakhet
Vase planted by Nicolas Leprevost, June 2013

“Arriving late in Savannakhet, after a 9 hour bus ride (instead of 4 hours), I looked for a place to stay and so reached Wat Sayaphoon.  And I was very welcomed by the monks of this monastery, such as Lee, the director of the Buddhist high school there.  I learned then that this is one of the main monasteries in Savannakhet, and  there is also an important Buddha statue artist who lives and produces work there.

The next day, which I considered fortunate, it was easy;  there were fishing boats just in front of the monastery.   So after what seemed like an impossible negotiation, we rented one and dropped the vase.  We were 5 people in the boat, and so the level of water was very close to the top edge of the boat!  The vase was placed about 200 meters from the shore, on Laos side of the Mekong river in a very deep, fishnet-free spot.  And, I decided to stay one more night in this monastery as it was a nice place.”

Note:  the assistant of the driver is Eng, and I made the journey with (the monk) Pha Mek Ko and (the novice) Samanen Sone who did actually drop the vase in the water. (see video)