Pak Tha Phan Village, La Khone Pheng district
Vase planted by Nicolas Leprevost, Sonephet Somekhit, (aka Don), Ajaan Soomboom and Ou, the boat driver, June 2013

“This vase was the most difficult to place.  There is no major city between Savannakhet and Pakse, and the road is 30 km from the river at its closest point.  The challenge was how to reach there according to my budget.  Finally I asked the bus driver to drop me off exactly between the 2 cities (130 km from Savannakhet), and he informed me that there is a point where local people can cross the Mekong river to go to Thailand.  Apparently, this is not for tourists because the police there were surprised to see me; so they asked me some questions and finally let me stay as long as I visited a temple, Wat Pho Si Jan Thanalam, nearby before leaving.  It was at this same time that I met Don who was great!  He did his best to help me.    He took me to the temple and he helped me find a boat and eventually we dropped the vase together in the water.

After that, we went back to the monastery so I could explain to the Abbot, Ajaan Soomboom, the background of the vase.  Then I met Don’s mother and afterwards, he brought me back to the main road, and eventually I picked up a bus to go to Pakse.  That was quite a journey and to all of my new friends, I dedicate warmly all the virtue!  sadhu sadhu sadhu!!”