Pakse district, Champassak province
Vase planted by Nicolas Leprevost, On and the boat driver, June 2013

“With the help of my friend On, who lives in Pakse, we went to the market to buy some plastic pots,  and then on to a house of one of On’s relatives, newly married couple Le and Poi;   The family did most of the job of preparing the concrete and pouring it into the pots for the vases.  We prepared 4 vases at the same time.   Then they stayed there to dry.

Then, after a few days, we took On’s motorbike to the Mekong River in Pakse.  There we rented a boat.  None of this would not have been possible without the kind help of On; she let me borrow her camera, her motorbike, found a boat, the spot and helped put it into the river.”