United Kingdom

Loch Ness & Culloden Moor, Inverness, Scotland
Vases planted by John Clarkson, Ben Clarkson, Deborah, Jonathan Stacey, & Dan Hersey, April 11, 2000

“We began a very peaceful journey along the length of the Loch (Ness) on a Belgian built barge which is normally used to take paying guests along the loch for adventure holidays.  Following a fine lunch on the barge, we approached Urqhuhart Castle, the deepest area of the loch, at 300 meters. We stopped here and then once ready, I turned on a cassette player I had brought, and we recited some prayers.  Then Jonathan and I heaved the vase into the water.

Then we alighted at Dochgarroch, a few miles outside of Inverness and after a short walk, arrived at the battlefield of Culloden Moor where in 1746, there took place the last pitched battle upon British soil between the Highland army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart and forces of King William of Orange led by the so called ‘bloody butcher’, the Duke of Cumberland.  Here, the Scottish army was not only defeated but the wounded were butchered at the order of the Duke.  Those who survived the massacre were pursued in flight.  Many were left to die in prison.  This single event left an enduring bitter memory in the minds of generations of Scots.  Thus, it felt completely appropriate that we should endeavor to place a vase on or near the actual site.”  (John Clarkson)