United Kingdom

Loch Tay, Perthshire, Scotland
Vase planted by John Clarkson, Mary Duffy, John Bald, Elaine Howatson & Dan Hersey, November 27, 1999

“We began our drive amongst heavy skies and the threat of rain, passing a lonely buzzard perched on a fence post, taken as a good omen.  At the loch’s water sports center, we procured a small open motor boat.  While we were clamoring aboard, a pair of white swans appeared.  Gaining height, they flew up over head in the direction of where we were headed and alighted the water exactly where we had chosen to drop the vase.  As the sun broke through the dense clouds, we pushed it off into the deep.  As we began our return to the jetty, the sun remained and a short fierce shower of hailstones came over the boat, stinging our faces.”  (John Clarkson)

John Bald preparing to drop the vase. Photo by Elaine Howatson