Lake Prespa & Ohrid
Vases planted by Irena Nikoloska, Marko Almeida, Chichi, Jules, Benjamin, and Lucas,  July/August, 2015

“Lake Prespa is located at an altitude of 855m. Its waters are between by Albania, Greece and Macedonia. It is the second largest lake in Macedonia after Lake Ohrid. Between Great Prespa Lake and Ohrid Lake is situated Mount Galicica through which flows an underground stream and supplies the Ohrid Lake with water.   There are a great variety of bird species, fishes and beings in general sharing its space. It has two islands: Golem Grad and Mal Grad. The secluded nature reserve of Golem Grad is home to century-old juniper trees, abundance of endemic animal life, great number of snakes and several ancient ruins and churches.  With its amazing coastline, plethora of bays, extraordinary pure water, pristine nature and its setting between three national parks, Prespa is true nature retreat.  It was a sunny and hot day in July, we rented a paddle boat and paddled off the beach, away from the crowd and placed the vase in the clear waters of the lake. By the power of the blessings of HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, may the whole multitude of beings benefit.

Then we took another vase on a sightseeing tour through the historic sights of Ohrid and planted it the next day on a rocky hill covered with junipers, above the small cave church of St. Ekaterina and bellow the fortress of Fillip II, 3km to the north of Ohrid.   We placed the vase under a rock and covered it with soil and stones. May the power of the blessings of Guru Rinpoche, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and all the lamas, monks and yogis spread Dharma, increase virtue and soothe this Earth and all beings.”