Prilep, Markovi Kuli (King Marko’s Towers)

Marko’s Towers is an absolutely enchanting place. Totally different from the surrounding and wider areas, covered by smooth, boulders, rich in history from the period of the Neolite and throughout antique and medieval times. It was the home of Krali Marko (King Marko) who lived in the 14th century and is the greatest hero in the poetic memory of the Balkan peoples, who grew into a mythical legend being praised as a travelling knight, who protects the weak, destroys tyrants, passes fair judgements, effortlessly moves rocks, squeezes drops of water out of a peace of dry cornel wood and cuts through the rock with his sabre etc. And he never parts from his beloved horse Sarac with whom he shares his good wine. Probably that’s why they can both fly in the sky and leave footprints on the rocks and much more.

In the task, I was joined by a herd of bewitching goats, they sniffed the vase and that was their tacit consent.