New Caledonia

Easo, Xepenehe, Lifou, Loyalty island
Vase planted by Jean-Baptiste and Kirsten Labbe, December 13, 2013

“I arrived in Lifou on Thursdat evening the 12th of December and stayed in a little guesthouse called l’Ilo Reve or ‘dream island’.   This area, called Easo sits in on of the most beautiful bays, which belongs to the tribe of Xepenehe.   The bay is dominated by a cliff, where stands a small humble chapel adorned with a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary Notre Dame de Lourde.  Her hands outstretched to the South Pacific Ocean, made for a glorious scene and a perfect place to plant the vase.

After spending time chatting with the local people, the peace vase in my backpack nudged me on to its new home.  I proceeded up the hill on a little path, which was lined with coral. Upon reaching the top, the view that unfolded was spectacular. Fragrant frangipanis attracted big yellow butterflies; I have to say I had never before seen so many.  I continued on through the bushes and came upon another path, which didn’t seem to be often used.  The path led to a place, which I thought perfect to plant a peace vase.  All of a sudden I found myself on the edge of the steep cliff.  However, although rather dangerous, there was a hole in the rocks  where the vase fitted perfectly. Voila, the ground was prepared, the peace vase planted and covered, with prayers recited to ensure success. Happiness filled my being; the vase was in a secure place, the location perfect for it to remain for a long time undisturbed to do what it needs to do.”