United States of America

Lake Cayuga and Lake Seneca, New York
Vases planted by Dick and Lisa Davison, November 10, 1998

“I took the peace vases with me from Seattle to Washington DC where I attended the First International Congress on Tibetan Medicine.  From there, I went to NYC to meet my father.  Then we drove 250 miles north and west to the Finger Lakes region.  When we arrived the typical rainy weather shifted into something unusual, 50 mph winds, coming from the south rather than the north.  Our hostess advised us not to go out on the boat that day.  So instead, we went to the end of the dock at Lake Cayuga and my father, who had been an excellent softball pitcher, tossed the vase out into the lake.  Then we drove 10 miles to a marine park on the shore of Lake Seneca where the weather was even stormier.  Again, my father raised his arm and tossed.  The following morning, we awoke to a clear and sunny day, with a light wind coming from the north.  My father wondered if the previous day’s unusual weather had anything to do with the placement of the vases.”